Welcome to PARA!

We are a friendly group of radio enthusiasts serving Philipsburg PA and surrounding communities.

Are you interested in radios, scanners, antennas, emergency communications, or emergency power? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Our members love to discuss these topics and offer helpful advice. Whether you’re an experienced radio amateur or just getting started, we’d love for you to join our activities and discussions.


PARA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes learning, experimentation, and the sharing of knowledge related to amateur radio with an emphasis on community service and emergency preparedness.

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Regular Activities

Weekly GMRS NetPublicEvery Saturday8:30 pmRattlesnake 550 GMRS repeater
Philipsburg 575 GMRS repeater
Weekly VHF NetPublicEvery Saturday9:00 pmRattlesnake 146.43 repeater
Weekly RoundtablePrivateEvery Thursday8:00 pmZoom meetings where members
discuss technical topics
Monthly MeetingPublicSecond Saturday of every month
except August and December
12:00 pmAmerican Legion Post #437
315 E. Presqueisle St
Philipsburg PA 16866
Annual PicnicPrivateSecond Saturday of August12:00 pmCovered Dish
Cold Stream Dam, Philipsburg
Annual Holiday BanquetPrivateFriday preceding second Saturday of December6:00 pmCovered Dish
American Legion Post #437, Philipsburg


In order to participate in future PARA activities, just complete and submit a membership form. Your contact info and email address will be listed on our Members Page, which is only accessible to other members. You will occasionally receive email messages from other members announcing upcoming events or providing links to online meetings. PARA will not share your contact info with other organizations.

Membership Form

Do I need an amateur radio license to join PARA?
No. Anyone can join PARA as an Associate member. Licensed amateurs are eligible for Full membership which affords the right to vote and to hold office. If you wish to become licensed, we can offer advice and assistance in preparing for the license exam, and we can administer the test at our location.

Contact Info

Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association
P.O. Box 411
Philipsburg PA 16866

Amateur Repeaters

NameTypeFrequencyOffsetToneWeekly NetNet HostStatus
Rattlesnake 430VHF146.430 MHz+1 MHz173.8 HzSat 9:00 pmPARAOnline
Rattlesnake 425UHF443.425 MHz+5 MHz107.2 HzWed 9:00 pm*Central PA SkywarnOnline
* The 425 repeater is linked to the 145.110 (W3ND) repeater located near Harrisburg and used by PEMA and the Central PA Skywarn Group.

GMRS Repeaters

NameFrequencyOffsetToneWeekly NetNet HostStatus
Rattlesnake 550462.550 MHz+5 MHz218.1 HzSat 8:30 pm*PARAOnline
Philipsburg 575462.575 MHz+5 MHz192.8 HzSat 8:30 pm*PARAOnline
Sandy Ridge 600462.600 MHz+5 MHz229.1 HzOnline
* The 550 and 575 repeaters are linked.

Digital Systems

NameTypeFrequencyCall SignLocationStatus
W3PHB-1APRS Node144.390 MHzW3PHB-1Philipsburg BoroughOnline
W3PHB-3Packet BBS145.030 MHzW3PHB-3Rattlesnake RidgeOnline
W3PHB-7Packet Node145.030 MHzW3PHB-7Rattlesnake RidgeOnline
W3PHB-10Winlink RMS Gateway145.030 MHzW3PHB-10Rattlesnake RidgeOnline