PARA Meeting Audio Minutes – September 11, 2021

The meeting was held in the conference room of the Reliance Firemen’s Club in Philipsburg PA.

In attendance:  Rich Brnik, Dick Thompson, John Horgas, Jim Warg, Darren Dixon, Bob Snyder, John Lee

Audio Recordings (0:34)

Treasurer’s Report (1:19)

Jim Warg Stepping Down as Treasurer (3:22)

Jim Warg Offering Freebies (0:36)

Nominations for Treasurer (0:33)

Check Signing Procedures (2:48)

Vote for Treasurer (2:21)

501(c)3 Nonprofit Status (1:22)

Online Roundtable Discussions (1:27)

D-STAR and Multimode Repeaters (5:47)

Rattlesnake Repeater Site Maintenance (25:58)

Sponsorship of Various Repeaters (5:50)

Publicity and Recruiting (7:54)

Website Usage (1:46)

Emergency Preparedness (8:26)