PARA Meeting Audio Minutes – October 9, 2021

The meeting was held in the conference room of the Reliance Firemen’s Club in Philipsburg PA.

In attendance:  Jason Terosky, Dick Thompson, John Horgas, Bob Snyder, John Lee

Introduction (0:23)

Treasurer’s Report (1:19)

Donate Button on Website (1:08)

Status of 501(c)3 Application (1:25)

Repeater Shed Water Leaks (6:10)

PARA Roundtable Meetings on Zoom (0:14)

Cost of 501(c)3 Application and Equipment Insurance (1:02)

Remote Receivers and .64 Repeater (13:31)

GMRS Repeater Upgrade (5:05)

Public Outreach and Radio Support for Public Events (14:55)