PARA Meeting Audio Minutes – November 13, 2021

The meeting was held in the conference room of the Reliance Firemen’s Club in Philipsburg PA.

In attendance: Scott Rummings, John Horgas, John Lee, Jim Warg, Chris “CJ” Metsopulos, Jason Terosky, Darren Dixon, Cody Beish, Bob Snyder

Introduction (0:29)

Treasurer’s report (0:21)

K3HOT repeater update (4:37)

Internet access at Rattlesnake (2:33)

.43 repeater and duplexer (3:03)

Repeater building repairs (13:25)

Ideas for future repeaters/capabilities (8:40)

Documentation of repeaters (4:12)

501(c)3 application status (0:38)

K3HOT repeater policy (2:16)

Picnic shelter reservation (3:54)

Weekly net control schedule (6:31)

Christmas banquet (4:58)