PARA Administrative Team

Business Manager

  • Coordinate activities of administrative team members.
  • Maintain relationships with partners, vendors, and suppliers. Interface with attorneys on legal issues. Interface with insurance agents on insurance issues.
  • Insure adherence to legal rules and guidelines. Ensure all IRS and legal forms are submitted in a timely fashion.
  • Advise president on all business matters, including legal and insurance-related matters.
  • Purchase equipment, supplies, and services, including insurance contracts, after such purchases have been approved by a vote of the members.
  • Maintain primary copies of all legal documents such as EIN confirmation letter, Articles of Incorporation, 501(c)(3) confirmation letter, and lease agreements.
  • Maintain duplicate records of all monetary transactions, including copies of all purchase receipts, and publish on website.
  • Provide an administrative team report at each regular meeting.


  • Design the layout of the w3phb and mvrn websites.
  • Publish website content provided by others.


  • Announce upcoming events through social media, PARA website, newspapers, radio, and television.
  • Attend events, take photos and video, get names and permission to publicize.
  • Submit photos, videos, and descriptions of recent events to social media, PARA website, newspapers, radio, and television.

Membership Coordinator

  • Maintain the membership roster and publish on website.
  • Collect annual membership dues and deposit funds.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Write and submit grant proposals
  • Persuade local municipalities to make annual donations to help defray our costs
  • Organize raffles and small games of chance

Event Coordinators – See Table 1

  • Plan and coordinate an annual event.
  • Send out invitations, recruit volunteers, secure resources.

Table 1 – Event Coordinators

Repeater Site CleanupApril
YMCA Walk/RunMayDick Thompson
ARRL Field DayJune
Philipsburg Heritage Days BoothJulyDarren Dixon
PARA PicnicAugust
Public Lands RideSeptemberJason Terosky
PARA Holiday BanquetDecember