PARA Asset Management Team

Asset Coordinator

  • Plan the overall configuration of PARA’s system of repeaters, nodes, and stations.
  • Tag and track all major assets.
  • Advise business manager on equipment insurance.
  • Oversee equipment purchases, maintenance, upgrades, and disposal (e.g. batteries)
  • Maintain relationships with owners of leased facilities (Centre County, Legion, PAComm).
  • Maintain club and repeater listings on RepeaterBook, MyGMRS, ARRL websites.
  • Provide an asset team report at each regular meeting.

Asset Managers – See Table 1

  • Design, build, update, and maintain repeaters, repeater enclosures, towers, club stations, or other communications assets.
  • Provide technical documentation of assets for publication on website.

Table 1 – PARA Communication Assets

Philipsburg EmComm Station (American Legion Bldg)PARA
Philipsburg Tower Facility (District Court Bldg)PARA
Rattlesnake 146.430 VHF RepeaterPARACody Beish
Philipsburg 146.640 VHF RepeaterPARACody Beish
Philipsburg 444.750 UHF DigipeaterPARADarren Dixon
Allport EchoLink NodePARABob Snyder
Rattlesnake 550 GMRS RepeaterBob SnyderBob Snyder
Philipsburg 575 GMRS RepeaterBob SnyderBob Snyder
Sandy Ridge 600 GMRS RepeaterPAComm LLCCody Beish
Rattlesnake 443.425 UHF RepeaterGreg GuiseGreg Guise
Rattlesnake 145.030 Packet NodeFilip CernyFilip Cerny
Philipsburg 144.390 APRS NodeJohn SzwarcJohn Szwarc