Duties of the Secretary

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Record details of club meetings

  • Members and guests in attendance
  • Presiding officer
  • Speaker and subject
  • Committee reports (written and oral)
  • Announcements
  • Any motions that were made and voted upon
  • Audio recording of meeting (optional)

Maintain the membership roster

  • Regularly check for mail in P.O. Box 411 at the Philipsburg post office.
  • Process membership applications and renewals received in person or by mail.
  • Forward a copy of each processed membership form and payment to the treasurer.

Maintain important club documentation

  • PARA by-laws
  • Roster of all PARA members, including personal interests, service project interests, and committee interests
  • Inventory of all PARA assets
  • List of committee chairs and members
  • Collected committee reports from committee chairs
  • Minutes of regular PARA meetings
  • Copies of current and past PARA publications