Field Observer


  • Serve as eyes and ears for emergency management teams at local 911 centers, the National Weather Service, and PEMA to enhance their ability to plan evacuation routes, etc.


  • Observe local conditions (e.g. weather, streams, dams, roads, bridges, extent of flooding, road traffic) and report them to the PARA EmComm station.


  • GMRS license required
  • Amateur license recommended

Recommended Equipment

  • If observing conditions within range of PARA’s GMRS repeaters, a repeater-capable GMRS transceiver is recommended.
  • If observing conditions outside the range of PARA’s GMRS repeaters, a VHF transceiver capable of reaching the Rattlesnake 146.43 repeater or the Rockton 147.255 repeater is recommended.

Recommended Training

  • Basic SKYWARN
  • Advanced SKYWARN