PARA GMRS Repeater Usage Policy

Revision: 1.2
Date:  April 21, 2022

PARA reserves the right to alter or make exceptions to this policy at any time, for any reason, without prior notice.

You must have a current GMRS license to use a PARA GMRS repeater. Your immediate family members may also use a repeater under your supervision.

You should identify yourself by stating your GMRS call sign at the beginning of each conversation and approximately every ten minutes thereafter.

Other users may be monitoring a repeater on a regular basis in order to be of service to others in need. Please be considerate of them.  If your brief conversation turns into a lengthy one, please consider whether you might wish to continue the conversation by telephone.

A GMRS license permits the licensee’s family members to operate a radio and use a repeater.  In order to ensure that the repeater is a family-friendly place, please conduct yourself as though children are present.  Avoid the use of coarse language and avoid using the repeater to advance your personal views on sensitive issues.

PARA GMRS repeaters are intended for non-commercial use only.  Use of the repeaters for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

The operation and coverage of the PARA GMRS repeaters cannot be guaranteed and may vary from time to time.