PARA Leadership Team

President – Darren Dixon

  • Set the vision for the club.
  • Set long-range and short-range goals.
  • Create new teams or committees.
  • Appoint willing members as team leaders or committee chairs.
  • Delegate responsibility to team leaders and committee chairs.
  • Attend most team and committee meetings to keep informed and provide guidance without taking back delegated authority.
  • Develop mutually-beneficial relationships with local agencies and officials to advance PARA’s community service mission.

Vice-President – John Horgas

  • Keep up to date with the club’s goals, plans, and activities.
  • Be ready to step into the president’s shoes at any time if needed.

Secretary – Bob Snyder

  • Take minutes at all monthly meetings, submit them to the webmaster, and keep a copy on file.

Treasurer – Jason Terosky

  • Provide a treasurer’s report at each regular meeting.
  • Pay all expenses authorized by a vote of the members.
  • Maintain the primary records of all monetary transactions, including the original receipts for all purchases.
  • Maintain duplicate copies of all legal documents such as EIN confirmation letter, Articles of Incorporation, 501(c)(3) confirmation letter, and lease agreements.