PARA Meeting Minutes – April 8, 2023

The April 8, 2023 meeting of the Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association was called to order by president Darren Dixon at 12:00 pm in the second-floor meeting room of American Legion Post #437 in Philipsburg PA.

Audio Recording

Listen to the entire meeting

Members in Attendance: 7

  • Darren Dixon, President
  • Jason Terosky, Treasurer
  • Carmine Prestia
  • Chris Deck
  • John Lee
  • Scott Rummings
  • Terry Round

Treasurer’s Report (Submitted by Jason Terosky, Treasurer)

Starting Balance$2240.71
– Membership fees$20.00
– Post office box renewal (12 months)($78.00)
Current Balance$2182.71


A motion was made by Chris Deck to authorize a payment of $78.00 to the US Postal Service for renewal of the club’s post office box. The motion was approved by a unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Snyder, Secretary
Apr 10, 2023