PARA Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2023

The May 15, 2023 meeting of the Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association was called to order by president Darren Dixon at 12:00 pm in the second-floor meeting room of American Legion Post #437 in Philipsburg PA.

Audio Recording

Listen to the entire meeting

Attendance: 13 members + 2 guests

  • Darren Dixon, President
  • John Horgas, Vice-President
  • Bob Snyder, Secretary
  • Jason Terosky, Treasurer
  • Carmine & Elaine Prestia
  • Terry Round
  • Johna McCormick
  • Ryan Williams
  • Stu Bingham
  • Regina Monaco & Chip
  • C. J. Metsopulos
  • Dick Thompson
  • Bernie Ropchock

Treasurer’s Report (Submitted by Jason Terosky, Treasurer)

Starting Balance$2182.71
Current Balance$2182.71

Action: Heritage Days Expense

Darren Dixon requested approval to reserve two adjacent booth locations at a total cost of $60 for the Philipsburg Heritage Days event to be held in July. This was approved by a unanimous vote.

Action: EmComm Station Expenses

Bob Snyder presented purchase receipts and requested reimbursement for the following expenses related to the Emergency Communications Center:

Date PurchasedPurchased ByMerchantDescriptionPurchase Price
2023.03.24Bob SnydereBay(20) N-female bulkhead connectors155.82
2023.03.31Bob SnyderTTI(20) N-male connectors126.88
2023.03.30Bob SnyderDigi-Key(10) UHF-male connectors65.85
2023.04.04Bob SnyderDX Engineering(2) ICOM IC-2300H 2m transceivers403.99
2023.04.06Bob SnyderAmazon(1) Blue Sea Systems fuse block39.22
2023.04.06Bob SnyderAmazon(3) 25-foot spool of red/black 12 AWG wire34.85
2023.04.07Bob SnyderAmazon(4) CAT6 RJ45 panel mount couplers25.42
2023.05.12Bob SnyderKephart Hdwe(2) Schlage deadbolt locks69.94

All of these expenses are covered by the $1000.00 grant provided by Philipsburg Borough in December of 2022 for the purpose of building an EmComm station in the American Legion building. Reimbursement was approved by a unanimous vote.

Action: Accounting Expense

Approval was granted by a unanimous vote to engage the services of Sickler, Tarpey, and Associates of Tyrone, PA to complete and file IRS Form 990-PF for the fiscal year 2022 with the understanding that, after the bill for accounting services is paid, we will be able to submit a grant request to the accounting firm’s charity and receive full compensation for the accounting fee.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Snyder, Secretary
May 15, 2023