Facility-Based Station Operator


  • Operate radios in the PARA EmComm Center or similar facility during an emergency.
  • Communicate with 911 centers, National Weather Service, PEMA, etc.
  • Communicate with field observers and home-based station operators.
  • Periodically run one of the weekly nets on PARA’s VHF and GMRS repeaters, operating from the PARA EmComm Center whenever possible.
  • Participate in biannual simulated emergency tests.


  • Amateur radio license required
  • GMRS license required

Recommended Resources

  • Transportation to the station (all-wheel drive recommended)

Required Training

  • FEMA IS-100 – Introduction to Incident Command System
  • FEMA IS-200 – Basic Incident Command System For Initial Response
  • FEMA IS-700 – An Introduction to the National Incident Management System
  • FEMA IS-800 – National Response Framework, An Introduction