VE Testing Service

PARA provides a local option for the FCC testing necessary to earn your amateur radio license.  Tests are available for all three classes of amateur radio licenses.

The Technician Class license is the entry level amateur radio license, with General Class and Extra Class being the next levels. The FCC no longer requires that amateur radio operators to know Morse Code (CW), although many of the amateur bands continue to hum with CW.

On the Technician Class exam there will be 35 questions. The questions are selected from a pool of 385 available questions, chosen at random. To pass the test, you must correctly answer 26 of the 35 questions. This course will prepare you to pass this test.

All exams are conducted at the Reliance Firemen’s Club, 500 North Centre Street, Philipsburg PA.

To reserve a seat in the PARA testing session please contact the testing coordinator Steve AB3YT (e-mail at “hondapro87 (at) comcast (dot) net”) or on the telephone at (814)378-5192.