EmComm Coordinator Meeting

On Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023, the PARA EmComm coordinators (Bob Snyder, Darren Dixon, and Scott Rummings) met to discuss EmComm team recruitment and training.

The following decisions were reached:

  • We need to proceed at a steady, deliberate pace as we build our station and our team. We don’t want anybody to get burned out, and we need to exhibit skill and confidence when we begin to interact with served agencies.
  • In order to become a PARA EmComm station operator, a member must first complete FEMA courses IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800 to ensure that they are familiar with FEMA’s Incident Command System (ICS). Details can be found on the PARA EmComm Team web page.
  • Every PARA EmComm station operator must be licensed for both Amateur and GMRS bands.
  • All members who wish to serve as PARA EmComm station operators will be required to also serve as net control operators for the PARA weekly VHF and GMRS nets, and they should conduct those nets from the PARA EmComm station whenever possible. This will allow the members to gain experience in managing communication with many people at once while also exercising the station’s equipment.

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